Narayanganj City Corporation Election Result Live Online 2016

Narayanganj City Corporation Election will be held tomorrow and it can go without saying that the event is indeed a highly important one in terms of the political situation of that area. The Polls has been started at 08:00 AM and it will closed on 04:00 PM. Here we are provide Narayanganj City Corporation Election Result 2016. Narayanganj City Corporation Election Result 2016 will be published here. However, election in Narayanganj had given rise to lots of controversies in recent past and yet again people from different areas of Bangladesh are looking forward to see what will happen this time.

Live Online Narayanganj City Corporation Election Result 2016

Narayanganj City Corporation Election Result Live Online 2016
Narayanganj City Corporation Election Result 2016 | Here we are details results news submit; when election commission of Bangladesh published NCC Election Result. NCC Election Result 2016. May be 22 December at night will be published Narayanganj city corporation election result 2016.

Election in Bangladesh generally takes place with a festive mood provided that the ruling party put no influence over it. This time Narayanganj city corporation election will be different from the past as the candidates will be use their party symbol this time and it will be the last election under this election commission. Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Rakibuddin has said that the election will be a highly recognizable one as it will be free and fare.

Narayanganj City Corporation (NCC) Election Result 2016

Mayor Candidates Name Total Vote  Result (Center)  Pending (Center) Total Center
Dr. Salina Hayat Ivy 174602    174     000   174
Sakhawat Hossain   96700   174     000   174

People of Narayanganj, on the other side, have high hope regarding the election as they really want to put their votes in the volt and elect the eligible candidates. People of all walk crowded the places where the candidates went for their election campaign however; there are still some concerns to think about. In a meeting with the citizens of that area, it was discussed that the candidates who will be fighting for councilors posts have their loopholes and are indeed not competent enough to get theses posts. A few of them have corruption case against them and it is of course a matter of deep concern.

Narayanganj City Corporation Election Mayor Candidates List

In total seven candidates are there against the Mayor posts and almost all of them have goof image. Awami League candidate Dr. Salina Hayat Ivy and BNP supported candidate Sakhawat Hossain also have clear and pretty good image and they were positive enough in their campaigns as there have not been any unnecessary arguments or fighting. Ruling party will be looking forward to continue their winning streak while BNP is ready to challenge them. Shamim Osman, the man behind the scene, apparently took himself away from the lime light. But there has been news that he is forcing the authority concerned to elect his councilors in the election.

Overall, Narayanganj city corporation election is supposed to be a good one as almost all the things went smoothly so far without any prior unjust. Narayanganj City Corporation Election Result 2016. So we can be hopeful enough to witness a free and just election today.

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