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KDS Accessories IPO Result Will Be Published on 10 September, 2015 at 10:00 AM. KDS Accessories IPO is available now for the mass public. Bangladesh Security Exchange Commission (BSEC) has approved the IPO of KDS Accessories. As per as the latest news, the IPO was granted on last Wednesday in the 544 conference of BSEC. Officially the firm is all set to launch 1 crore and 20 lakh share in the market to collect 24 crore taka in total.

The commission has approved to issue the share in 20 taka (with premium). According to the annual report of 2013, KDS Accessories had earned 2.29 taka per share and net asset value was 19.63 taka. Meanwhile, Alliance Financial Services Limited is the selected organization which will conduct all sorts of managerial works of KDS Accessories IPO. So all together the summary of KDS Accessories IPO is as follows.
KDS Accessories IPO Result 2015 Download Application Form

KDS Accessories IPO Subscription opens on : May 27, 2015
Last date of Subscription : Will be announced later
Total Share : 1.20 crore
Targeted Amount : 24 crore taka
ENV : 19.63 taka
EPS : 2.29 taka

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KDS Accessories IPO Result 2015

Bank/Branch Code
Resident Bangladeshi
Non Residence Bangladeshi (NRB)
Affected Small Investors
Mutual Fund

KDS Accessories IPO Application Form :
KDS Accessories is a renowned firm who are working on different accessories and packaging service. According to the prospectus they are actually looking forward to expand their business and pay the bank loan. That’s why they are providing Initial Public Offering (IPO) for the mass people. To get the KDS Accessories IPO application form, the user has to visit the page. Read the prospectus with a view to learning the pros and cons of this IPO. There are different application forms for different criteria people which are as follows.

• NRB (Non Resident Bangladeshi) Investors
• Other than NRB Investors
• Affected small investors

Select which category you belong to and follow the instructions given in the respective application form.

KDS Accessories IPO Lottery Result :
KDS Accessories IPO Result will be published very soon. The IPO Result of KDS Accessories will be prepared on basis of a lottery. The final IPO result of KDS Accessories will be available in the official website of the respective organization. The website link to check the IPO result has been given below

Address of KDS Accessories: Road no 4, House no 63, Block C, Banani, Dhaka

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