IT Consultants Ltd IPO Lottery Draw Result 2015

Information Technology Consultants Ltd IPO Lottery Draw result has been published on December 3 this year. IT Consultants Ltd IPO Lottery Draw result has been finalized few days ago. According to sources an appeal has been sent for grant to Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) with a view to completing the IT Consultancies Ltd IPO Lottery Result 2015.

IT Consultants Ltd IPO Lottery Draw Result

But the place for the revealing of ITC IPO Lottery result has not been finalized yet. More news related to IT Consultants IPO Lottery Result has been given below. Interested people can go through to find relevant information.

IT Consultants Ltd IPO Lottery in Details

ICT IPO Starting Day: November 2, 2015

Deadline: November 11, 2015

Number of Share: 1 crore 20 lakh

Face Value of Per Share: 10 taka

Market Lot: 500 share

Total Target: To attain 12 crore taka to invest

EPS of Last Year: 1.04 taka

NV of Last Year: 18.28 taka

Code of Trading: ITC

Initially, IT Consultants IPO Lottery decision was taken with a view to gain money from share market to expand the business, pay the loan and to bear IPO expenses. Beta One Investment was the authorized company to issue the IPO of the company. Bangladesh Stock Exchange Commission has been finalized the IPO in the 554th meeting of the organization.

IT Consultants Ltd IPO Lottery Result 2015 |

IPO Lottery Result will be published in form of following categories

IPO Result for Stock Broker
General Public IPO result of IT
Affected Small Investors
Mutual Fund IPO Result
Refund Warrant IPO

Where to Find IT Consultants IPO?

The main work area of the company is Software Development, Q-Cash and other solution. IT Consultants IPO Draw Result will be first published on the official website of the concerned institution. The website link has been given below

In addition to that, visit our site for time to time update of IT Consultants IPO Lottery Draw Result.


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