How To Get Smart National ID Card Of Bangladesh

How To Get Smart National ID Card Of Bangladesh ? Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has suggested all keep  the information in Smart National ID Card secured. She said,” all updated technology would be accepted but there should be a firewall to keep  information  secured. ” She said so in the inauguration ceremony of Smart National ID Card distribution  in Osmani Memorial. The event is organized by Election Commission.

How To Get Smart National ID Card Bangladesh

PM also asked to all the distribution organizations to be cautious of the smart card distribution. By giving the smart card to the honorable president, PM inaugurated the distribution activities. Then, CEC handed over the smart card to the PM. Before that, PM while starting the ceremony gave her 10 fingers print and scanned her eyes to collect the smart card.

How To Get Smart National ID Card Of Bangladesh

In the ceremony, PM congratulates  the players of Bangladesh cricket team who won one day match against Afghanistan  and handed over their smart cards to the players. The project of the smart card is financed by World Bank and Bangladesh cricket team captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza is the brand ambassador of  this Smart National ID Card.

Election commission informed that information of 10 crore people is stored and a database is created. Under this project, by 2017, 9 crore citizens will get a smart card. This smart card will substitute the laminated Smart National ID Card.

The source said that with high technology this card is made. It is considered as international standard ID card for travel.  This card ensures to get national and professional benefits for all according to age, class and socio-economic background.

Service providing organizations can verify the information of smart card through offline and online method. Already 64 organizations  have signed MOU and are starting the services of it.By  accessing the database through finger print or barcode or MRZ through online and offline, the information of smart card can be justified.

Following are the facilities which can get through Smart National ID Card

1) National Identity

2) Driving License

3) Passport

4) property management

5) opening Bank account

6) Getting Bank Loan

7) Receiving support

8) Government  supports like Bhatta

9) BIN facility

10) Bo account -share  management

11) Trade licence

12) Vehicle registration

13) Insurance schemes

14) Marriage registration

15) E-passport

16) E-governance

17) Utility Connections

18) Mobile connections

19) Health Card

20) Educational admission

You can know your Smart National ID Card distribution center name by massaging 105 from any mobile operator. You can also change your information through online.

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