BSRM IPO Lottery Result 2015 Download

For producing the best quality still products Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills (BSRM) is now a dominant company in the steel industry. They have achieved customer satisfaction by providing durable and good quality products. BSRM IPO Lottery Result 2015 will be published 5th March 2015. This is a renowned company of our country. Bangladesh Securities Exchange Commission (BSEC) has approved the initial public offering (IPO) of this company.

Now we are going to focus on the important information about the BSRM IPO Lottery Result 2015 and also discuss about the relevant data.

BSRM IPO Lottery Result 2015 Download

Date of BSRM IPO subscription:

For General Public:                                                                  For NRB Applicants:

Opening Date: 1 February, 2015                                            Opening Date: 1 February, 2015

Closing Date: 5 February, 2015                                             Closing Date: 14 February, 2015

Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills (BSRM) official website has published its Application Form and Prospectus. IPO lottery results of Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills will be found after draw. This company has approved a total of 17.5 crore taka. The reason of offering IPO of this company is collecting fund as it is planning to expand its business for increasing its growth.

Detail information of BSRM IPO:
Total Shares: 1.75 Crore
Number of offered share: 1750000
Value of IPO: 612500000
Face Value: 10
Premium Value: 25
Market lot: 200 Share @ 35tk = 7000
Single lot price: 7000

Those who have purchased the IPO share of BSRM which has been approved by Bangladesh Securities Exchange Commission (BSEC) are requested to check and download the results after publishing the lottery results. We shall update the IPO results of BSRM immediately after publishing the lottery result.

BSRM IPO Lottery Result 2015

Bank / Branch Code
General Public
Non resident Bangladeshi
Affected small investors
Mutual Fund
Distribution of Refund Warrant

Here we can’t say the exact date of lottery result but we can anticipate that it will publish after 14 February, 2015 which is the last date of IPO subscription of NRB applicants. This is extremely important to know the result of IPO at the right time to get benefit. So, all applicants are requested to visit this website regularly to get the most updated information and BSRM IPO lottery result 2015

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