37th BCS Exam Suggestion Written By Sushanta Paul

Those who are preparing themselves for next BCS exam, the main change has to bring to their mindset. The procedure of the exam is now changed for all. So, if you feel that you are qualified, you have to prove it by your actions not by your words. For more 37th BCS Exam Suggestion By Sushanta Paul.

Bangladesh Civil Services || 37th BCS Exam Suggestion Written By Sushanta

You may feel that you are preparing but it is not working as per your expectation. Buy why things are like that? That means that your course of action is not in the right way. What you are doing may be not sufficient. And doing the right thing is not enough, you have to also keep in mind that how much right preparation you are taking.

37th BCS Exam Suggestion Written By Sushanta Paul

What things you can do and cannot do make a list of that. If needs anything more, think about how the way of getting that. The distinction line between these two group of those who qualify in the BCS exam and those who do not is very thin. Three things make the differences  among this two groups

  1. The way of taking preparation
  2. The way of giving the answer in the examination
  3. The luck of the candidate(maybe you don’t believe much in luck)

There are four effective ways to get expected  result in any examination

  1. With what I will do my hard work

2. why I do the hard work

  1. In which way I do the hard work
  2. Comply the first 3 things properly and then decide how much ,in which way and why you are doing these tough jobs.

For doing excellent in BCS exam, hardworking is much more important than talent and intelligence. Your intelligence will help you to get the way out . It will help you to get the best preparation . But The main point lies in your sleepless night, invaluable hardworking and  perseverance.

In every competitive exam, there is something about which nobody knows much. But those who handle those things successfully ,their possibility of success will be high.

Build up your reading habit vigorously. It will definitely improve your writing skill. But keep in mind whenever you read anything, try to point that what is the writer wish to understand others and if you were the writer what you  write.

Do not leave your present job to do good in BCS exam. You should resign your job when you get BCS job finally. Success does not have many excuses, excuses are always with failure. So don’t be too judgmental about your position or others anyway.

Try to sit for study every day. BCS exam is not for a seasonal  studious person. During the study, research on previous questions minutely so that you can better understand the type of question that  appear in BCS question paper. BCS exam is not a test of too much knowing. It is a test  for knowing the right things . About your handwriting keep in mind that it should be fast to answer all required question and it should be clean enough and fully understandable.

When you sit for the exam, always mind that the starting and finishing of every answer are vital. Write in correct grammar and spelling and give answers   in an orderly and relevant way. That will carry your higher score in BCS exam. BCS exam is a test for general students. Here knowing all related things is important. Not knowing on one topic vastly. Try to avoid politically disputable issues in writing .  Include  data, statistics, map. Table, charts, quotations, references, laws in your answers . These things  ensure a high score. Now available 37th BCS Exam Suggestion.

Make your own suggestions , read the newspaper daily. Try to read more articles on business, current issues, case study, international issues. As per your capability, fix your time of the study. This capability comprises 80% of mental strength and 20% of your physical strength. Some successful candidates said that they studied  15 hours per day and strictly follow this rules up to qualifying . If you admit in coaching, do not believe them blindly.  You have to understand first yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your techniques of study and your status of the study.

Take preparation systematically, success will be yours. Lastly some 37th BCS Exam Suggestion.

  1. Your well being is someone’s dream. So to fulfill that dream be hardworking in BCS.

2.When you do worse in your BCS exam somebody may be peaceful. So Don’t try to make him peaceful.

  1. When you are honored, your parents will be honored too. So, make them proud by qualifying in BCS.
  2. You are doing the much laborious job for BCS and somebody may laugh at you. Don’t bother. Answer their laughing by qualifying in BCS.
  3. The best answer to the fool who are bothering you too much is your action by getting a chance in BCS.

Finally, it is an exam of strong willingness, perseverance, patience, and hardworking. If you make yourself a composition of these things, success will be yours in BCS . Stay with to get more 37th BCS Exam Suggestion.



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