35th BCS Viva Result Download 2016 bpsc.gov.bd

35th BCS Viva Result Download 2016 www.bpsc.gov.bd. 35 BSC viva result has been published today. The viva of 34th BCS will start from next 26th January . And if you qualify in Viva, the dream job will be yours. This time in written exam, 9822 candidates have  passed for  against 2052 posts which gazette has been published by PSC on 7th February 2013.

35th BCS Viva Result Download 2016 www.bpsc.gov.bd

To do better in Viva , firstly  the candidates have to be self-confident.  The former member of PSC Mr. Md. Mohabbat Khan said,”viva is a part of the long process of BCS exam. Those who are memorizing during their study would not do good in Viva. Nobody knows what will be your question. Questions can be on different issues. Not only that, in viva, the candidates’ attitudes are also observed very minutely because the candidates who will pass here are going to take the important responsibility of the govt. ”

35th BCS Viva Result Download 2016 bpsc.gov.bd

Here, the candidates have to show everything of him like speaking to manners, grooming to etiquette everything. How the candidates come, how they enter into the room and exit -all these things are observed. If someone applies for foreign cadre, the English speaking capability is checked . If he halts frequently while speaking in English, the examiner may be get disappointed. Question are related to the cadres for which the candidate is applying for. Mostly the question is asked on  the duties and working periphery of the  cadres which are in the front line of the applicant’s application. Again , the examiner can ask question on the educational background especially in graduation level  of the candidates. How to get 35th bcs viva result download? How to get 35th bcs viva result in my mobile message?

The candidates who stood first in 27th BCS, Mr. Md. Razaul Karim stated that candidates have to be surely confident in viva. They have to show it anyway. Candidates should have every pros and con of the contemporary issues. Sometimes the examiner willingly creates some critical situation to verifying the candidate stress management capability. The candidates have to be capable enough to overcome such situation.

How To Download 35th BCS Viva Result 2016?

In viva, questions are asked so quickly and one after another to make the candidate puzzled. So, in this time, you have to be rationale and self-confident. If you are asked a question in English, you have to answer in English. Be neat and tidy and wear an official dress in viva. The dress for women should be also proper  and elegant.    Be smiling and casual to answer your questions.

Many successful candidates from previous BCS exam confirmed that in viva there are lots of question from up to date concerns. In addition, candidates have to have a clear knowledge of  national geography, population, literacy, or candidate’s own town . Why, the hometown if famous for, its’ socio-economic situation, population, renowned people, politicians, the contribution of the social workers, geography -all have to be studied carefully.  Before appearing to the viva board, the common rules and regulation of viva should be known well . The candidates also have to observe all the examiners of the board and start answering politely but courageously. Be tricky when the answer is unknown to you. And please avoid deceitfulness and be confident in yourself. Braves always attain success.


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