35th BCS Recommendation For 2158 Appointments As Cadre

In 35th BCS, 67% candidates are selected from merit list. Besides, more appointments than circular are made in the police, doctor, agricultural officer cadre. The initial circular for 35th BCS is for 1803 cadre posts but finally, PSC has recommended appointing 2158 . The cadre distribution is as follows

35th BCS 2158 People Recommend Hiring

Cadre Number of Post in Initial Circular Recommended Number of Posts
Police super 50 119
Agricultural officer 1 158
Assistant surgeon 317 387
Assistant Dental Surgeon 54 67
Fisheries 8 29
BCS Assistant engineer (civil) 26 41
Lecturer ( political science) 65 84

35th BCS Recommendation For 2158 Appointments As Cadre

Besides these,  in more another cadre , the extra appointment is going to happen.   As per existing policy. 45% candidate comes from merit list. Rest of the appointment comes from the quota. Among them 30% from freedom fighter children, 10% from the female quota, 10% from district quota , 5% from tribal quota and 1 %  for handicapped  candidates.  Most of the time, these quata posts are vacant due to a shortage of candidates .  For this, the talent candidates sometimes drop from the list and on the other side many posts remain  vacant .

From the previous result, it is seen that in 28th BCS, due to a shortage of candidates in quota , there was 813  vacant posts.  In 29th BCS, against freedom fighter quota 538  post, female quota 81 post, tribal quota 111 post were vacant due to a shortage of qualified candidates. Total 792 posts were vacant in 29th BCS.  As like in 30th BCS , and in 31st BCS,  the number of the vacant posts were 784, and 773 respectively.

To fill up the vacant post there was a special BCS , 32th BCS for freedom fighter, female, and tribe. Even after that, in that BCS, there was again 1125 vacant posts due to a shortage of qualified candidates.

2,158 to be appointed from 35th BCS

The circular of 35th BCS was published on 23rd September in 2014. The initial applicants were 244107. Among them, 208024  applicants sat for the preliminary test on 6th March in 2015. 20391 were qualified  for written test and in the written test only 6078 were qualified for viva. In viva, 6015 participated . In the final 5533 are qualified and due to information hazards, the result of 16 candidates was withheld. 3359  candidates are kept in non-cadre post.

The chairman of PSC told that this year, talent candidates are getting more chances  than quota. We try to avoid class discrimination so that everybody can work together fairly.

The written test of 36th BCS  will start on 1st September in 2016 and preliminary test of 37th BCS will on 30th September 2016. PSC tries to  eliminate the long time frame of  BCS and build a roadmap for BCS schedule. They hope that they can follow the roadmap  from now.

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